The Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Written by:  Kerry Northey - 20th May 2014

Coconut oil is one of the most popular health foods right now, and so many people are benefitting from it that many local markets are having a hard time keeping it on the shelves! But this super food isn’t just another health-nut fad, it's more than that. It’s got a long history of use by people who have seen some pretty amazing things happen when they added it to their wellness plans, and so can you! Coconut oil is a light, gentle, and easy to use oil that is typically grown organically. It’s become very easy to find due to its popularity, and if you can find it in stock, it makes a great addition to your cooking supplies and your personal care collection! Today we’re going to be looking at some of the best health benefits of coconut oil to inspire you to try it for yourself!

What Is Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil is a light, white, oil that is pressed from ripe coconuts. The oil is solid when cool and liquid when warm, and it can be worked with in either form. The light, delicate nature of this oil is a pleasure to work with, and the flavor and scent mix well with absolutely any dish. Although coconut meat has a strong flavor, the oil is more subtle and tends to blend well with any other item it gets mixed with. Coconut oil is a plant-based fat oil that is easy to store and even easier to work into your everyday life!

The Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Many books have been dedicated to this topic, but we’re going to share some of the best health benefits with you right here. If you haven’t yet been convinced about the power of coconut oil, we know this list will get you excited about it!

Fats That Feed The Brain

Heart Happy

Weight Wellness

Clean Up

Feel Happy & Full

Body Beautiful

As you can see, coconut oil brings a lot to the table – and this list is just a small selection of its many known and tested health benefits!

If you haven’t experienced it for yourself, now is the time!

What is the best coconut oil to buy?  In the following video Dr. Bruce Fife explains what to look for when choosing coconut oil.

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