3 Reasons to Choose Organic Foods

Written by Kerry Northey - 14th April 2014

By now everyone has heard about organic foods. More and more markets and shops are stocking organic options and many restaurants are creating menus based on organic offerings. While there’s a whole lot of energy in the organic movement right now, do you ever wonder what the real benefits are and how important it really is to choose organically grown foods? If so, this article is for you! We’re going to explore the top 3 reasons why having organic fruits, vegetables, and grains on your plate is a great idea!

Chemical Free

Organic foods are given that label because they have been grown without the use of potentially harmful chemicals. Many growing things are treated with pesticides and herbicides to keep bugs away and to protect them during growing cycles. While this makes sense, there’s a long term issue. The chemicals that are used to treat plants throughout their growing cycle end up in the plants themselves. This means that when we bite into that apple or enjoy that salad we may be getting more than we think.

Many chemicals can be rinsed off with water, but some end up permeating the skin of the food and just become part of what we ingest. Choosing organic means that we never have to worry about getting anything but the foods we eat.

Just As Nature Intended

Most organic foods have been grown using sustainable methods and heirloom seeds. While many foods these days are laboratory hybrids bred to grow without seeds, without sensitivities to pests, or with the ability to grow in harsh environments, the natural version is always best.

Organic foods that are also non-GMO  give us the most essential and pure version of those foods so that we can be sure we’re getting the best with every bite.

Support Natural Farming

As large corporations use chemicals and GMO to mass produce foods, smaller farms are being pushed out of business. When we support organic, chances are we’re also supporting caring farmers who take time to grow foods without the use of dangerous chemicals and hybridization.

Small business is a wonderful addition to any local economy, and when you support small organic farms you’re putting your money back into the hands of people who are making a real change with it!

In addition to all the good things above, organic fruits, vegetables, and grains have a purity of taste and aroma that simply can’t be beat. These foods are the chosen ingredients of top chefs worldwide and when you experience the organic difference you’ll understand why!

Harmful Ingredients in Our Home and Personal Care Products

Of-course, this also holds for other products that you use around your home everyday.  Such things as the shampoo you use, your dishwashing liquid or laundry detergent even the soap you wash your kids in may contain many potentially harmful ingredients.  Most of these we buy without even thinking about what's in them or of the consequenses of using them day in and day out to our health .

Looking for organic, or at the very least, natural products is another way of preserving our health and that of those we love.

For more information from an expert on growing organic food, watch this video.
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