3 Amazing Health Benefits Of Soy That Every Woman Should Know About

Written by Kerry Northey - 11th March 2014

Tofu, tempeh, soy milk, and edamame – chances are you’ve gotten your fair share of soy with all of the great options that exist in the market these days. While soy is an excellent way to replace dairy and meat and to get more plant nutrition in your diet, it also comes with a whole host of other healing benefits that just might surprise you! Today, we’re going to look at 3 amazing health benefits of soy that many people have never heard, and we hope that it encourages you to add this amazing plant to your diet in any of its many forms!

A Pause In Menopause Struggles

Soy contains natural plant estrogens that can actually lessen the symptoms of menopause in women. When menopause sets in, hormonal changes can cause a whole bunch of frustrating and even painful symptoms, but a little support from phytoestrogens could help in a big way!

When plants that contain estrogens are ingested the body can use those gentle estrogens to help soothe the menopausal transition so that it isn’t so drastic and abrupt. This can be enough to calm many of the negative symptoms associated with ‘the change’, and many women welcome having an alternative option to chemical hormone replacement therapies.
While soy produSilken Tofucts are not as intense and powerful as prescription hormone replacement drugs, they do offer support and have been found to be quite effective in helping the menopause process be more comfortable.

Sharp Women

A diet that has healthy soy product content can actually help women under the age of 65 sharper, strengthen, and retain their cognitive function as they begin to age. Many women experience a deterioration of cognitive functions and mental sharpness as they enter their later years, and it turns out that soy could help dramatically slow this process.
Women who are past 65 may not benefit quite as much from the brain-supporting qualities of soy, but those who aren’t quite yet to their golden years may find that the nutrients soy products deliver completely empower the health, strength, sharpness, and overall function of many cognitive brain functions.

A Curb On Cancer

Women who have a healthy intake of soy products like tofu, soy milk, and raw or steamed soy beans may be at a lower risk for developing breast and endometrial cancers. Studies have shown that consumption of soy in the form of fresh foods could be directly linked to a lower instance of cancer in women – and that’s great news!

Who knew soy could be such an amazing part of our diet and an amazing support for our overall health? Now is a great time to add more all-natural soy products to your diet so that you can benefit from this amazing plant for yourself!

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